Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We're growing and moving...our last post here

The last year has been an exciting whirlwind. We're growing and moving....

First things first: we have a beautiful new web site and blog — come visit! We're sad to say goodbye to our old blogger blog here, but we needed more room. Thank-you to everyone who has visited, commented and written to us here.

We're moving in other ways, too: you can also see us moving — animated with traditional stop-motion here ....

We started as a series of postcards in clothing stores, became a popular book series and now we are jumping into stop-motion animation with our new interactive stories which we are developing with the award-winning team at Loud Crow — the team behind Peanuts' A Charlie Brown Christmas, Richard Scarry's Busytown and Beatrix Potter. We're so happy and excited to join their family.

For us, this has meant an amazing learning curve, especially learning to work with a larger team when we're so used to just working together — as two friends. Also: learning how to make stop-motion-ready art; learning how to direct ; learning how interactive storybook apps work; learning how to balance our family life in whole new ways and, possibly most challenging, understanding twitter.

The results have been rewarding and amazing. Our first storybook will be available on iTunes this fall. It's better than we could have dreamed. You can see how proud we are, above. Those are dolls of us! We had a cameo in one of our new stories.

On top of all these things we have brand new pinteresttwitter and instagram accounts — we'd love to see some friendly faces!

We'll have lots of new crafts, updates and more, starting in September. It's going to be an exciting time, please join us!

Photo credit, bottom photo: Lori Kiessling