Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gail & Gale

Some astute readers have wondered: who is Gail? In fact, there are even a few snippets on the internet about a book called Gail. This confusion is because the dustjacket flap of Windy says:

Other books in the Windy series
"Sunny" Sunny and the Hootenanny
"Gail" Gail visits Windy on her Scooter
"Chinook" A high plains adventure
"Snowy" A winter mystery

Now the truth is that we hadn't written or shot any of these when we published Windy. We had every intention of doing so, and we did manage to do Sunny and Snowy and Chinook (a combination adventure and mystery—the mystery is what is the perfect present for a buffalo). But Gail never did become a book.

We did, however, do a scooter adventure with her and Windy and Sunny. But we changed her name to Gale.

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