Monday, March 29, 2010

Our giveaway winners

What is Foggy's favourite breakfast? Muesli! Foggy likes his muesli to be nice and crunchy, with cornflakes, dried fruit, nuts and lemon or vanilla yoghurt and a sardine or two on top. We'll put up the recipe in a moment (don't worry, the sardines are optional).

Thanks to everyone who entered our contest. Here are our winners:

The closest answer was from Addie, who guessed oatmeal and apples.
The cleverest answer was from Rachel & Sofia and also Nina who guessed hot dogs.
Most creative answer goes to Euan who guessed:
a glass of salty water and a dish of sailers courage? roasted boat? sailers bakon? tuna? salmon? any other type of fish?

Honorable mention for coolest answer to Miss C who guessed green eggs and spam.

Addie: Foggy and Cloud had never tried oatmeal. But they are trying it this week. Cloud likes it with vanilla, honey, pears and cream. Foggy enjoys this too. He likes to add in some fresh figs. And a sardine or two.

Rachel, Sofia and Nina: Foggy would like you to know that he likes hot dogs very, very much!

Euan: Foggy is trying to convince Cloud to let him have a little of their boat to roast for dinner this week. It's not going over very well. He doesn't know what sailor's bakon is, but thinks it sounds quite tasty. Is it like pemmican?

We'll be sending out copies to our winners. (Please make sure you email your postal addresses to us at windyandfriends{at}

Our special thanks to Chef Heidi, who helped us with the judging!


  1. Tell cloud he can have his boat either fried or raw, and that sailor's bacon has fish in it rather then pig or bison. It has butter in it quite often and a bit of lime.

  2. Wow! Thanks Windy! That's brilliant news! :-D

  3. Ok, good to know about the sailor's bacon. Foggy and Cloud are both quite excited about this.