Saturday, September 17, 2011

A little giveaway: kids' knitting needles!

This is a cute one. We found these children's knitting needles in NYC (at purlsoho), and knew we needed to get them as a giveaway.

To enter this contest please tell us what your first craft project was (that you remember). Let us know in the commments below. Contest ends September 28. This is open to anyone worldwide and there is no fee to enter. Anyone may enter once.

These are a size US 10 / 6mm and have dull tips. They are recommended for yarn that knits up at 3-4 stitches per inch.

We've put together a couple of very easy beginner patterns, such as the Lonely Doll Scarf and Windy's Spring Scarf. You can use these needles for Windy's Spring Scarf, it will just give you a wider scarf (or cast on fewer stitches to compensate — scarves are pretty flexible).

If this is your child's very first project, a small flag done in garter stitch (only knit stitches) and decorated with felt, buttons or bits of fabric, looks perfect. "Flying Flag" is from Kids Learn to Knit by Lucinda Guy for Rowan.

We have more giveaways coming up soon.


  1. Unfortunately my first 'craft' that I remember was a god's eye at Girl Guides. Not that I don't like god's eyes... it's just that I connect the memory to having to give 25 cents to my Girl Guides every week (my whole allowance) and I assumed that that was to pay for the god's eyes... anyway, I wasn't impressed and sort of hated crafts for awhile during Guides.

    Now I love crafting and have recently started a knitting club at my elementary school! Thanks so much for this give away! Susanna

  2. during my elementary school project we were obliged to make handmade bag.

    gustosagiveaways atymaildotcom

  3. my first craft project -hat

    anna_k67 at yahoo dot com

  4. I made some construction paper reindeer faces for a holiday play when I was in grade school. That was the first "crafting" project that I can remember.

    msgb245 at gmail dot com

  5. The first craft I can remember doing were these turkey potatoes where we took potatoes and added feathers, pipe cleaners, and paint to make little turkeys. I'm sure that wasn't the first craft project but I really remember that one.


  6. I remember a tree of apples, painted tree, cut out apples, (or circles & squares as they resembled more like).

  7. I cant say that I remember what my first craft project was (we were always doing alot in our house) but I do remember that my Grandmother taught me how to knit when I was 5 years old! My first knitting project was of course a scarf.

    megnate at telus dot net

  8. Awww these are SO cute! My 4-year-old loves to craft with me, she'd go nuts over these :)

    I have foggy memories of trying to use my mom's blender to make my own paper. And then there were those unavoidable woven loop potholder looms... But the clearest memory is when my mom bought my 1954 Kenmore sewing machine from a yard sale, I think I was about 6. The only thing I new how to make were little bags, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever to turn them right-sides-out to hide the seam lol. I pretended my bedroom was my retail store and I distributed monopoly money to my family and forced them to buy my wares :)

    sewsweetstitches_on_etsy at yahoo

  9. I made lots of woven potholders on those little red plastic looms. Yep. Lots.

    hrfarley at gmail dot com

  10. I was 7 and I just learnt crocheting from my cousin. So I crocheted a light blue blanket for my Barbie doll

  11. My first craft was a cross-stitched owl. My mom framed it and still has it in her bathroom. I was very proud!

  12. They are so cute. My niece has been asking me to teach her to knit for a couple of months now-these would give me added incentive to get started.

    My first craft project was probably something to do with homemade paste, newspaper and a balloon!

    Thanks for doing such a nice giveaway.


    jogblogjog at gmail dot com

  13. I remember it was a duck on a paper and then I glue a lot of millet porridge on it. It was so yellow and cute baby!

    Thank you for the chance!


  14. I'm not sure what my very first craft project was, but one of my earliest crafting memories involves happily sitting and working on a French knitting project. My mom would cast on the first few stitches to get me started, and then I would just sit and loop that yarn around and around and around, watching the yarn tube grow longer and longer and longer. The finished tubes became scarves for dolls and, with my mom's help, were stitched into flat spirals to use as coasters or mats for putting things on. Seeing these adorable knitting needles somehow reminded me of this, and although my little girl is still too young to attempt knitting, I can already picture her learning to knit with these needles - so cute! Thanks so much for the contest!

    krista.smith (at)

  15. My mom was a knitter (and seamstress) from long before I was born. When I was three, she was knitting and I begged her to teach me to knit. She did and I made a shawl for my baby doll.

  16. I love all these craft memories! My first craft were god's eyes, too. I really loved putting the colours together. —Robin

  17. R+J! don't add me to the draw, i just wanted to share my memory (let someone else win! - those are super cute knitting needles!)

    i can't remember my first craft project but i do remember making a "cup of coffee" out of clay, a blue cup with saucer and brown clay "coffee"... and making "pie" with leftover pie dough and baking it in the oven and it being really salty and tough as nails... oh i also made "soup" with water and all the spices in my mom's spice drawer. it was reddish brown and clear with the flavour of... water, and hordes of spices. now i know you need to make a base for a soup... ^__^

    oooh i also just remembered a really crappy sewn sleeping bag I made for my Barbie doll with the help of my grandma!

  18. Not sure if this is dating me, but I do remember making a clay ashtray. Funny! I also remember making kites with popsicle sticks and different colored string.

  19. I went to a school where a lot of teaching was through crafting and practical learning. This way my first craft that I remember was wokring with clay, wood and thread, I tyed together a fishermans net with weights on the end. I was seven. Sewing-wise my first craft I remember was a pillowcase I wanted to make from my favourite curtains. I was... eight :)

  20. I remember doing construction-paper masks in kindergarten.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


    ejm6x (at) yahoo (dot) com

  21. I cross-stitched an ornament! How fun...thanks for the giveaway.

  22. On of the first crafts I remember working on was a mother's day card for my mom. It was supposed to say mom you're an angel. However, I wrote Mom, You're an Angle. Hahaha

    supaflychikenpi2 AT gmail DOT com

  23. I remember making woven loom potholders.

  24. Fun giveaway! My girls have been wanting me to teach them to knit or crochet, but I have yet to do it.
    The first crafts I remember doing were Christmas ornaments made from popsicle sticks :)
    rach62803 at yahoo dot com