Saturday, October 27, 2012

the witching hour

Oh, you know how it is. You meant to do the costume ages ago, or you did and then somebody changes their mind, or you've suddenly spilled orange juice all over the back... and you need a last-minute costume.

In our case, Auggie's costume for halloween is very bulky (it's a truck) and we've realized he can't really wear it to a little party we're going to or he'll have a hard time running around indoors. So we're saving the big costume for Wednesday and improvising for the party.

Here are some of my favourite last-minute (or just easy) costume ideas and tutorials as well as some free printable masks, all from pinterest.

First, for our purposes as the Windy, Foggy crew, this cloud costume idea from Sarah Illenberger.

Printable masks (lion, elephant and owl) from sweetlittleworld:

Jet-pack tutorial (detail) from doodlecraft:

Chef onesie for babies and other easy baby costume ideas from giggle:

Paper bag masks (lion, fox, owl and monkey) from handmade charlotte 

Felt bat mask tutorial from living with punks

Pretty printable cat carnivale mask from mer mag via babble