Sunday, December 16, 2012

doll apron pattern

Little Quick (Judith and me, Robin) began developing another series last year called Sixes & Sevens with Leah Mallen of the great documentary Coast Modern as well as our little Foggy film. We've paused in development to take care of some new Windy business. These aprons were part of the project.

They're easy to make, and you can leave out the pockets if you like — you can call it a mechanic's apron (see bottom photo). Children who would like to work with this pattern can use fabric or felt and glue and omit the sewing. This is one of those projects where stitching by hand is quite a bit quicker than machine.

The Sixes & Sevens dolls are in storage, so I used the sweater pigs as models ^_^.

You can download the pattern here. Print it at a larger or smaller size to match your doll — this will suit a medium-sized doll, about 10 inches in height.

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