Saturday, January 5, 2013

soft turtle

A couple of years ago I bought a little pattern for a turtle pincushion off of etsy when I was looking for some fabric. My making time has really dwindled recently — I have to focus more on drawing right now. When my son was a baby, the only things I could make easily near him were knitting and hand-sewing. Having a sewing machine, pins and iron out was too much trouble. Now, it's opposite. I don't have the time to knit, and if I have a spare hour in the week to make something I need it to be efficient. I need a machine! Anyway, I tried out this turtle for a birthday present. I used muslin lining instead of interfacing to keep it soft, and I used velvet for the body (which is really hard to keep straight, but feels nice). My auggie, who is now 3 1/2 and whose interests are: trucks, cars, emergency vehicles, lego (and now skateboards) surprised me by asking for one of these. He's asked 4 times. It's partly the velvet, I think. I was going to use one of his dad's old shirts instead of the flower fabric, but he really wants the flowers, so I'll try to do another one if I can soon.


  1. i love hearing of your sweet boy. He reminds me of a little(r) boy i know and your stories make me wonder if mine will follow along in his footsteps. I can only hope mine will wish for a flowered-top turtle some day (so far it's not looking good.) I need to source some nice truck fabric. sigh! xox

  2. Thanks, Sharilyn! You might be surprised, though. You can try looking through botanical guides. Auggie loved it to my surprise. But it's quite similar to looking through the vehicle books as it's all naming and organization.

    Kokka makes great car fabric. I mostly blog about Auggie on my personal blog, because Windy is a joint project with Judith, but you can visit us over there :) I've put in a crafts for boys section to keep track of activities for the truck and train set.

    xxxx r